Master Weavers

Kathryn Rousso

The two universal, world-wide techniques that I use in my creative work are twining and knotless-netting. Barbara Shawcroft, one of my MFA professors taught me knotless-netting, which I expanded upon in Guatemala, Panama and Colombia. I paid all teachers and have either written or verbal consent to credit them. I learned twining from master weavers Delores Churchill, Cheryl Samuel and Dorica Jackson, who taught at the Totem Heritage Center in Ketchikan, Alaska, the University of Alaska S.E. and Metchosin School of the Arts, Canada. One reason that I went to graduate school is that I am non-native and wanted to develop my own style.

Master weavers who I studied with from 1980-2016.
Totem Heritage Center/Tongass Historical Museum, Ketchikan, Alaska
(Certificate of Merit in Weaving 1992), (1980-1999).
Took many classes from master artists but the main ones are as follows:

Delores Churchill, Cheryl Samuel and Dorica Jackson

I taught many Ravenstail weaving classes by invitation from tribal leaders in Saxman, Ketchikan, and Wrangell, Alaska (Cheryl Samuel reintroduced Ravenstail weaving to the Northwest Coast and I am one of a handful of teachers).

Guatemala 2001-2002 (maguey)

The following artists gave me written permission to use their photos and information prior to publication of “Maguey Journey: Discovering Textiles in Guatemala”. This includes harvesting, material preparation and techniques.

Net Bags (2001-2016)

Nicolás Toma Sambrano, Isabella Magalena Inessa Bonifacia Himenez,Ermiño Herman Gonzales Ramirez, Elsa Lespia Gonzales Ramirez, Teresa Nolasco Perez, Consuela Cabrera Mendez, Maria Paula Mejia, Constancia Victoria Mendez Y Himendez Estelá LajmoAlfredo Cal Tilán, César Enrique Brianes, Tomás Ramos Ixtuc, María Leja, Pablo, Lucas Puzul Primero, Fransisco Mejia Puzul, Eugenio Bacajol, Pablo Chitay, Basilia Sajquiy, Nicolás Tomas Sambrano, Andrés MartinRamón Perez Perez, Mareo Julio Santiago Ortiz, Santos Vasquez Payedez, Toribio Lopez Ramirez, Candalario Lopez, Jonás Vásquez Garcia, Edgar Vásquez Ramírez, Alonso Vásquez Y Vásquez, Fredericko Sanchez Vásquez Darotea Garcia, Sara Argentina Lemos, Paula Mantar Garcia,Ángela Garcia, Crecencia Diaz Garcia, Bonifacia Vásquez Ramirez, Maria Margarita Climaco Vásquez, Silverio Diaz Perez.

Hats, Mats, Brooms, Baskets (2003-2018) (Harvesting, material preparation and techniques).

Pedro Anoy Laynez Baskets Asociación de Mujeres Baskets Cooperativa Integral de Producción Artesanal, Odelia Martinez, Benedica Perdane, Maria de los Angeles Lopez, Maria Sanchez Pineva
Tilda Kalante, Pedro Ruiz Himenez, Lidia Mendieta, Feria Artesanal de sombreros vueltiaos, Maria Concepción Flores Vega