2022 Knotless-netted basketry from top to bottom. Zoom workshop, Bay Area Basket Maskers Guild

Baskets from top top bottom and gourd dolls. Gourd and Basketry Conference, Visalia, California

Basketry. Ketchikan Arts Council, Ketchikan, Alaska.

2021 Knotless-netted basket from Top to Bottom. Zoom workshop through Textile Arts Council, San Fransisco, California.

Knotless-netted basket. Zoom workshop through the Sonoma Community Center, Sonoma, California.

2020 Knotless-netted basket. Zoom workshop, Textile Arts Council, San Francisco, California.

2018 Making a Basket from Top to Bottom. Petersburg Public Library, Petersburg, Alaska.

2017 Ravenstail Weaving. Wrangell, Alaska.

Ravenstail Weaving was not practiced for over 200 years, and I was part of the revival when Cheryl Samuel reintroduced this style to the northwest coast. I taught classes when requested by tribal leaders.

The knotless-netted basket classes I teach are my own idea and style of a technique I learned from Barbara Shawcroft at the University of California, Davis, and later observed in Guatemala, Central America.