All Worlds Intertwined

All Worlds Intertwined 10″x16″x12″ Red and yellow cedar bark, woven abaca.


18,052 thoughts on “All Worlds Intertwined

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  25. oakdhf625

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    カレッジステーションESPNはNCAAはテキサスAクォータージョニーManzielを調査して明らかにしたので、多くの人が疑問に思っている質問は今、少なくとも部分的に回答されている可能性があります。何がManzielがサインのためにお金を取った話を進めてくる匿名の記念品ブローカーを指示する場合があります? 彼らは何を得るために持っていますか? 明らかに何もない、が、一部の容疑者は彼らのビジネスに切断するためManzielと彼の家族に向けた恨みを保持しているかもしれません。 「彼らは必ずしも彼によって署名されていませんでした。私は彼がハイズマンに勝ったところからハイズマンのプログラムを持っていた。それをリストアップすることにそう、「ジョニーManziel、ジョニーサッカー、テキサスAハイズマンプログラム。」と言うでしょう eBayは、全国のスワイプやダウン ‘日のすべてをこれらの項目のすべてを取った。そして、それに加えて、彼らは2週間のためにそれを行っていたすべての人を禁止していません。事前の警告または何も。, 英国、マラウイの主な二国間援助は、平面購入を批判し、それのためかどう300万ポンド($ US4.7百万米ドル)ムタリカ政府に援助の予算を削減しました。, [url=][b]モンクレール ダウン人気[/b][/url], [url=モンクレールメンズシューズ-c-1_17.html]モンクレールメンズシューズ-c-1_17.html[/url], [url=レディース-ロングダウンジャケット-ブラック-超割引-p-310.html][b]2012レディース ロングダウンジャケット ブラック 超割引[/b][/url], 小売燃料価格は、カープールセダン用ガロン当たり2セント、大型車用のガロン当たり3セントの車を使用してユニットに、その燃料サーチャージを増加しなければならなかった月の間に劇的にエスカレート。 燃油サーチャージは、前月中における燃料の平均小売価格に基づいて毎月調整されている。, [url=モンクレールメンズベスト-c-1_19.html][b]モンクレールメンズベスト[/b][/url], [url=モンクレール割引製品レディース-暖かいロングダウンジャケットダークブラウン-p-542.html][b]【モンクレール割引製品】レディース 暖かいロングダウンジャケットダークブラウン[/b][/url], 本日の洞察はVenkatさん「セルバ」Selvamanickam、ヒューストン大学で超伝導テキサスセンターの応用研究ハブを演出メカニカルエンジニアから来て, [url=モンクレールレディースジャケット-c-3_5.html]モンクレールレディースジャケット-c-3_5.html[/url], [url=激売れアウター超特価-メンズ-モンクレール-ストライプ-ジップ-ウール-セーター-グレー-p-661.html][b]激売れアウター超特価 メンズ モンクレール ストライプ ジップ ウール セーター グレー[/b][/url], 「肝炎のアルファベットを実施していた腐った枕もありました」と、業務マネージャクリフヒースは言った。, [url=レディース20122013モンクレール-新作ジャケットパープル-p-594.html][b]MONCLERレディース2012-2013モンクレール 新作ジャケットパープル [/b][/url], [url=超割引-monclerのメンズカジュアルシューズブラックグレー-p-537.html][b]超割引 MONCLERのメンズカジュアルシューズブラックグレー[/b][/url], 「それは合理的に迅速に来ています。他のすべてのように、それはビジネスのように実行する必要があります。, [url=][b]長財布[/b][/url], [url= モノグラム-c-3_9.html] モノグラム-c-3_9.html[/url], [url=ディ-ジョルジオ-di-giorgio-バングルfrbg5psor-rose-ピンク系セールレディース-p-3751.html][b]ディ ジョルジオ (Di Giorgio) バングルFRBG5P-SOR ROSE ピンク系【セール】【レディース】[/b][/url], [url=][/b][/url], [url=モンクレール-vosgesレディースフィットフグダウンジャケットパープル-p-316.html][b]モンクレール Vosgesレディースフィットフグダウンジャケットパープル[/b][/url], 私はコメントを投稿してください、他の人が似たような状況を処理したかを聞いて興味があると思います。, [url=モンクレールメンズコート-c-1_31.html][b]モンクレールメンズコート[/b][/url], リードは1924から1959、最初の教育の役割で、最終的には部長として、オクラホマ州のA大学、今のオクラホマ州立大学で美術部門で働いていた。 彼はタオスに引退したい後にリードは、1967年に描画をしていた。 OSUのアート部門では、大学は今まで見た中で最も著名な教員のアーティストの一人として、リードを考えています。スティーブン·ボールドウィンは、法廷でケビン·コスナーと戦う

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  50. jpihsi510

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The crew members remember Lennon singing sea chanteys as he steered the ship to safety.The experience gave Lennon some pride at a time in his life when he was having some issues with self confidence, she said.It opened up a kind of frozen part of his soul and he started creating, she said.Lennon excitedly called Yoko after hearing Rock Lobster and they started writing songs together in a sort of call and response style, with Ono back in New York. The result became the Double Fantasy album. Epstein interviews B 52s members for the app and they discuss the influence she had on their music.There was nothing that was making us feel good at the time, said Ono, who is still recording at age 80. The whole world didn’t want my music. They were feeling almost abusive about my creative work and that really choked him up in a way.It was time, as Lennon sang, to start over.With the material available, Epstein and his partners found the story a great creative starting point. 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  78. lmgrls413

    彼はケネットが同性愛と小児性愛を融合さたと主張されたコメントの上にゲイの権利活動家ゲイリー·バーンズによってもたらさ反差別行為の対象となったとき、2008年に、氏はケネットは、再び国民の見出しをつかんだ。 氏バーンズはそれを追求するための資金を持っていなかったので、ケースは後で報告によると、削除されました。, [url=モンクレール-メンズ新作-c-7_9.html][b]モンクレール メンズ新作[/b][/url], ImageKindのは、人々はオリジナルのアートワークを売買オンラインコミュニティです。 アーティストは、印刷や紙のコストのためImageKindのから基本価格を超えたアートワークのための価格を設定し、サイトにデジタルプリントをアップロードします。, [url=][b]モンクレール 2014 秋冬[/b][/url], [url=モンクレールメンズベスト-c-1_11.html]モンクレールメンズベスト-c-1_11.html[/url], [url=モンクレールloireレディースロワールダウンコートローズ-人気-p-299.html][b]モンクレールLoireレディースロワールダウンコートローズ 人気[/b][/url], 販売者は、すべての写真、knickknacksおよび個人の記念品を削除することをお勧めします。 これらは場所が買い手に広々とした魅力的に見えるように本棚、明確なキッチンのカウンターとかなりよく空のクローゼットから本を除去するために指導している。, [url=モンクレール-aubert-c-10_17.html]モンクレール-aubert-c-10_17.html[/url], [url=モンクレールmoncler-メンズ-ニットダウンベスト-ネイビー-p-760.html][b]モンクレール【MONCLER】 メンズ ニットダウンベスト ネイビー[/b][/url], フィナクル11Eでの製品出荷時の機能は、数週間ではなく数ヶ月で新製品を作成し、展開する銀行に力を与える。, [url=モンクレールスカーフキャップ-c-22_23.html][b]モンクレールスカーフ&キャップ[/b][/url], [url=年の新しい服-モンクレール-女性のモンクレールレディースコートブラック-超セール販売-p-156.html][b]2012年の新しい服 モンクレール 女性のモンクレールレディースコートブラック 超セール販売[/b][/url], バック一般小売店から何かを購入するつもり、私は良い取引のために頼むかもしれないような状況を見ることができます。 私はワインのいくつかのケースを購入するために必要な場合、彼らは私を少しよりよい取り引きを切ることができれば、多分パーティーやイベントのための24のボトル、私はマネージャーに依頼されることがあります。 量の買いは通常、低価格を求めるために正当化される。, [url=モンクレール-menuire-メンズ-ジャケットホワイトダウンヌィエール-p-278.html][b]モンクレール Menuire メンズ ジャケットホワイトダウンヌィエール[/b][/url], [url=超セール販売-monclerモンクレール-graftonグラフトン メンズ-ダウンジャケット-ネイビー-p-482.html][b]超セール販売 MONCLERモンクレール GRAFTONグラフトン メンズ ダウンジャケット ネイビー[/b][/url], 最高経営責任者(CEO)として、Mayerの任命はヤフーに興奮を注入しましたし、自社株買い、大きな買収のような動きは、企業のプロファイルを高める助けた。 しかし、株式アナリストは、まだYahooの自身の株式価値の主要なドライバーとしてアリババにおけるYahooの既存の24%の株式を参照してください。, [url=][/url], [url=バッグ-c-127_128.html][b]バッグ[/b][/url], [url=可愛い-新作入荷コーチ-coach-f46480-svm2-ギャラリー-3カラー-シグネチャー-ルレックス-ジップアラウンド-ラウンドファスナー長財布-シルバーブラック-マルチ定価-p-7598.html][b]可愛い 【新作入荷】コーチ COACH F46480 SV/M2 ギャラリー 3カラー シグネチャー ルレックス ジップアラウンド ラウンドファスナー長財布 シルバー/ブラック マルチ【定価】[/b][/url], [url=][/b][/url], [url=モンクレール-2014-秋冬-レディース-ダウン-ジャケット-buglosse-グレー-p-102.html][b]モンクレール 2014 秋冬 レディース ダウン ジャケット Buglosse グレー[/b][/url], InBiosインターナショナル社について:, アップルはギャラクシータブとギャラクシーSはiPadとiPhoneに類似見えるように、その証拠にサムスンのデバイスの画像をドクタと非難されています。ギリシャはOTEの株式の迅速な売却を求めて

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Its shores slope gently back from the water’s edge, where handsome farms, unrivalled for richness by any in the county, are now spread out to view.The lake lies at a great elevation above tide water, and Chittenango Creek which bears away its waters is a feeder of the Erie Canal. This stream has in its course a fall of several hundred feet, affording a great number of mill sites.At Chittenango Fall, about three miles from Cazenovia village, the water plunges in a beautiful cascade, perpendicularly, over a ledge of limestone rock, 136 feet in height. There is no scenery in this part of the State more charming than along the course of this creek from the village to the Falls. The road is excellently graded and macadamized, and winds with the stream between the mountainous heights, which, a part of the distance, rise on either side, while the river flows swiftly down the descent, rushing over rocks, eddying around huge boulders, which everywhere lie in the stream seeming to be detached fragments from distant mountains, sent hither by some powerful effort of nature, and hurled with terrible impetus into the waters. It is a singularly romantic, wild and awe inspiring spot, at the foot of the fall, as one stands in the deep shadows of overhanging rocks, perpendicular hills and thick forest, the gloom increased by rising spray, the changing and uncertain lights and shades glancing on the falling, foaming torrent, the rush, the roar, the boiling, trembling basin, the quivering earth with its apparently unstable footing.1The DeRuyter and Oneida Plank Road, which was built in 1848, in passing this route, found its most difficult obstacles in the gorge near the falls, where an elevation of 800 feet was overcome by a gradual ascent, which in no place exceeds six feet in one hundred. The old road required an aggregate ascent of 1,600 feet. The plank road rendered available a water power hitherto useless; its entire fall is 750 feet. From Cazenovia to Chittenango this road has been recently macadamized.Limestone Creek flows across the south part of the town. On this stream, near the southwest border of the town, are two beautiful cascades, called Delphi Falls, one of which is ninety feet in height, the other between sixty and seventy. Hydraulic and common limestone are quarried near Chittenango Falls, in the northern and central parts; the soil is a gravelly loam. In the southern part of the town a clayey loam soil prevails, underlaid with hard pan.As we turn our attention to the history of this region, we are enabled to go beyond the day when it was called Cazenovia, into the ancient time when it was a part of the broad territory of Whitestown. The far reaching trails of the Iroquois had pointed the way of emigration into northern Madison County. A sort of semi civilization was accomplished through the intercourse of the Indians and whites, in their days of war and of peace, as far back as the sixteenth century, so that the savage had learned many of the useful arts, with, probably, some additional viciousness; and the Englishman and Frenchman, more often the latter, had mingled his blood with the race of the red man; for the white man desired this beautiful country, and rather than not dwell in it, he willingly took up his abode with the aboriginal possessors. When peace succeeded the troublous times of the Revolution, the controllers of the public welfare, knowing well the value of these lands, and knowing, also, that the time had come when peaceable arrangements could be made with the Indians, effected amicable treaties with them, by which large tracts were obtained for settlement. In 1788, treaties were made, through which the Military Tract of Onondaga, the Chenango Twenty Towns, and the Gore, lying between them, were obtained. The Military Tract was appropriated to Soldiers’ Rights; and while the Twenty Towns were sold to different purchasers, the Gore, or its proceeds were to be appropriated to the laying out of new roads. Therefore it was named Road Township. It was a tract about thirty five miles long, from north to south, four and a half miles wide at the northern extremity, and about four miles at the southern containing about 100,000 acres of land. The project of opening the great Genesee, as well as a road from the salt springs in Onondaga County, which should traverse Road Township to Chenango, in the Twenty Towns, was in contemplation, but nothing was done until after the sale of this tract to the Holland Land Company.Previous to the treaties of 1788, this town was in the domain of the Oneidas, and was considered as their reserve hunting ground; and the lake, so well stored with fish, was their especial property. Though their village lay at the northward (at Canaseraga), yet they kept a well defined path to and up the Chittenango Creek to the lake, where they built their temporary cabins, reduced the timber, constructed apparatus for fishing, and otherwise betook themselves to the pursuits of their race. At the head of the lake they evidently, at some time, established themselves with some degree of permanency, and cultivated small fields of corn. There some of their number have been buried. In 1861, when the citizens of this School District (No. 5) were sinking a hole to set their liberty pole, near the school house, a large skeleton of an Indian was found buried in a sitting posture, with hatchets, pipes, beads and other articles which the Indian was supposed to need on his journey to the Spirit land. The circumstance of the remains of a breast work like fortification, which could be seen for many years after the settlement by white people, just east of this school house, and the frequent bringing to light as the soil was cultivated, of various implements of domestic use, such as heavy stone mallets or pestles, worn smooth by friction, apparently of the kind used in pounding corn, of stone hatchets, (sometimes broken,) of rather ingenious make and other peculiarly formed implements the use of which is unknown at the present day curious beads, etc.,2 all would indicate something like a permanent residence, where their Indian arts flourished for a season, where they found abundant sport as well as sustenance in fishing, and also in hunting, for bears and deer were plenty, and otter and beaver were not scarce, and where their little fields of corn grew thriftily. They were undoubtedly one of the families of the great Confederacy, established here for a season; not at all isolated, as evidences of about equal antiquity of the proximity of neighbors are found on what was called the Fort Lot, two miles to the westward, near Oran, Onondaga County. This family may have been driven from here at last by some invading foe,3 or perhaps they abandoned their fortifications (which the Indians invariably erected around their villages,) for some more congenial spot.The antiquities of Fort Lot are graphically described in a letter written in 1845, by J. H. V. The ravine is in shape like an ox bow, made by two streams which pass nearly around it and unite. Across this bow at the opening was an earthen wall running southeast and northwest, and when first noticed by the early settlers was four or five feet high, straight, with something of a ditch in front, from two to three feet deep. Within this enclosure may be about ten or twelve acres of land. A part of this land when first occup9ied in these latter times was called ‘the Prairie,’ and is noted now among the old men as the place where the first battalion training was held in the County of Onondaga. But that portion near the wall and in front of it, has recently, say five years ago (1840), been cleared of a heavy growth of black oak timber. Many of the trees were large, and were probably 150 or 200 years old. Some were standing in the ditch and others on the top of the embankment. There is a considerable burying place within the enclosure. The plow has already done much toward leveling the wall and ditch, still they can easily be traced the whole extent. A few more plowings and harrowings and no vestige of them will remain.Mr. Clark picked up specimens of dark brown pottery. Two cannon balls, of about three pounds each, were found in this vicinity, apparently long imbedded in the earth, indicating that light cannon may have been used, either for defense or in the reduction of this fortification, or both. Mr. Clark says further:There is a large rock in the ravine on the south, on which are inscribed the following characters thus: IIIIIX, cut three fourths of an inch broad, nine inches long, three fourths of an inch deep, perfectly regular, lines straight. Whether this is a work of fancy, or of significance, is not known. There is a singular coincidence in the location of these fortifications. They are nearly if not quite all situated on land rather elevated above that which is immediately contiguous, and surrounded, or partly so, by deep ravines, so that these form a part of the fortifications themselves. At one of these, on the farm of David Williams, in Pompey, the banks on either side are found to contain bullets of lead, as if shot across at opposing forces. The space between them may be three or four rods, and the natural cutting twenty or twenty five feet deep.However the facts may be, concerning these Indian settlements, the last of the race who were dwellers of these localities had disappeared before the advent of the white settlers in 1792, and all outward marks of their presence have since gradually faded; and did not the earth, as it is occasionally turned to the light by the furrow of the husbandman, yield a memento, oblivion would utterly cover every vestige of their past history.By the time the Government of New York State had become possessed of the lands of the Iroquois, the fame of their wonderful excellencies had winged its way to the crowded cities of Europe, and men of wealth and high standing caught the spirit of emigration. As soon as they were offered for sale, companies were formed to invest in these lands. In Amsterdam, Holland, one was formed called the Holland Land Company, its object being to make establishments in the wilds of America. The names of the individuals forming this company were: Peter Stadnitski, Nicholas Van Staphorst, Peter Van Eeghen, Hendrick Vallenhoven, Aernout Van Beeftingh, Wolrave Van Heukelom, and who afterwards, with Jacob Van Staphorst, Christian Van Eeghen, Isaac Ten Cate, Christiana Coster, widow of Peter Stadnitski, and Jan Stadnitski, citizens of Netherlands, were the original Holland land owners. Theophilus Cazenove was their first general agent to America. He took up his residence in Philadelphia, and through him the celebrated Holland Purchase of the Genesee country was obtained.Under the patronage of Peter Stadnitski, who while living was the President of the Holland Company, John Lincklaen of Amsterdam, was sent into the United States to explore the new countries, and to make a purchase of a tract of land if he should find an advantageous situation. Accordingly he arrived in Philadelphia in the year 1790, bearing letters of instruction to Theophilus Cazenove. Inspired with zeal for his mission, Mr. Lincklaen, in the month of September, 1792, having completed his preparations for a tour in the wilderness, employed two hardy woodsmen to accompany him, and immediately set out, directing his course by the southern route through Scoharie to the Chenango Twenty Towns; his object being to explore them and the Gore, contemplating the purchase of the latter and some one of the Twenty Towns.During his journey, Mr. Lincklaen kept a journal, which has been preserved by his family (having been translated from the French in which it was originally written), in which we trace his journeyings through the pathless forest, and note in his progress his stopping at Hovey’s,4 at Oxford, from whence the road was being opened to Cayuga Lake. He states that the surveyors employed by Hovey are Nathaniel Locke, of Westchester County, and Walter Sabin, who lives on the Susquehanna, near Mercereau’s. Each surveyor has with him five men, viz: two chainmen, two markmen, and one to carry provisions. The surveyor, when running the outlines, has $2 per day, and when telling out, $1.50. Each man that goes in the woods, carries provisions for a fortnight or twenty days. Sabin runs commonly five or six miles a day, Locke eight or ten miles a day. Locke’s hands have $10 a month, Sabin’s only $8. Here Mr. Lincklaen employed one of Hovey’s men, when the party of four started on their westerly route. During the few subsequent days, the party, by zigzag marches, traversed several of the southern most of the Twenty Townships, Mr. Lincklaen making his observations of the soil, its productions, and the climate as far as indications could aid him, with discrimination, noting particular locations with accuracy, entering in his journal the names of the original purchasers of tracts in the sections he passed through which were already sold, and adding thereto many statements which to the seeker after historical facts are regarded as especially interesting. On Monday, the 8th of October, the east line of the Gore was reached, from whence Mr. Lincklaen’s course was mainly directed to the northward, exploring thoroughly this, and the townships bordering on the east. With Road Township (the Gore), its handsome valleys and streams, its land of excellent quality, its noble timber, he pronounced himself well pleased.Mr. Lincklaen’s journal tells us that on the afternoon of Thursday, October 11, 1792, he arrived at the foot of the beautiful lake in Cazenovia, where the party encamped for the night. As the result of a reconnoitre he wrote: The situation is superb, and the lands are beautiful. The record continues: Friday the 12th We journeyed from the lake north and east to the Genesee road, through lands both good and bad, the timber chiefly oak and poplar. We came to Canaseraga Creek, where five German families are settled; they are poor. On the other side of the creek is the Indian settlement. We went to the house of John Denny; there was no bread, no meat.5 John Denny was a tavern keeper among the Oneidas.Directing his next course through the northern tier of the Twenty Towns, he passed through Sherburne, Chenango County, where he found on Mr. Guthrie, who had been there three or four months; thence passed through a corner of Otsego County, and there tarried a second month Louis DeVilliers,6 on Aldrich Creek, town of Morris. From this place he set out upon his return journey to Philadelphia via New York, where he arrived after a month’s absence, the object of his tour satisfactorily accomplished. Mr. Cazenove was well pleased with his report, and greatly admired the spirit of his enterprising young friend, and the perseverance which enabled one accustomed to the elegancies and luxuries of life to endure a protracted tour in the wilderness, with the tent for his lodging place, and bread and pork for his fare. As a result of Mr. Lincklaen’s explorations, the Holland Company purchased Road Township and No. I of the Twenty towns, (Nelson) the latter containing 20,000 acres of land, which, added to the former, comprised a territory of 120,000 acres, and extended over the present towns of German, Pitcher and Lincklaen, in Chenango County, and DeRuyter, Nelson, and the southern part of Cazenovia in Madison County. Mr. Lincklaen was appointed agent, with an interest in the purchase, to settle these lands. The northern part of Cazenovia was then a part of the Oneida Reservations, and subsequently a portion of Peter Smith’s tract.7During the winter of 1793, Mr. Samuel S. Foreman, to whose narrative we are indebted for much of the material for this portion of Cazenovia’s history, became acquainted with Mr. Cazenove and Mr. Lincklaen in Philadelphia, and by them was appointed clerk to accompany the latter into the backwoods, to commence the new settlement. By appointment, Mr. Foreman met Mr. Lincklaen in New York, in April, 1793, where a large assortment of goods, comprising all articles necessary for a settlement, were purchased. From here the merchandize was taken up the North River and the Mohawk to Old Fort Schuyler (Utica), and left in the care of John Post, the only merchant then in that place; Mr. Foreman forwarding only one load to Cazenovia on the first journey out. From here, with the three Jerseymen, John Wilson, carpenter, Michael Day, mason, James Smith, teamster, whom Mr. Lincklaen brought with him, having engaged their services for a year, and two waiters, Philip Jacob Swartz, and a large German whose name is forgotten, together with seven more employed for the expedition, whose names were: James Green, David Fay, Stephen F. Blackstone, Philemon Tuttle, David Freeborn, Gideon Freeborn and Asa C. Towns, all started to the westward on the newly opened Genesee Road. A few days’ provisions were in each knapsack, each axman with his ax on his shoulder, and a yoke of oxen and a cart loaded with provisions for both man and beast, together with all implements of husbandry and for domestic use which their primitive beginning would require, made up the cavalcade.The first day they proceeded as far as Wemple’s tavern, Oneida Castle; the next day reached Canaseraga and put up at the tavern of John Denny, a half breed Indian, who had been a Captain in the Revolution, and spoke good English. The third day the company continued on the Genesee Road as far as Chittenango, where they left it, turning to the south and following the Indian path up the crooked course of the creek, the axmen being obliged to widen the way for the passage of the cart. It was ascertained, through the difficulty of ascending the hills, that another yoke of oxen was needed, and forthwith a man was dispatched to Utica to obtain them. With perseverance, however, the next hilltop was gained with the one pair by the time night set in, and preparations were speedily entered upon for an encampment. A huge fire was soon kindled, and the group of stalwart men, cheerful and respectful in the presence of their leader, though sadly wearied, presented what would now seem in that place an unique spectacle, as they moved about in the wavering glow of the camp fire. Forth from the knapsacks now came the pork锘縃istory repeats itself with electric car push, [url=][b]New Nike Saints 41 Roman Harper Nike Elite Jersey Black Team Color NFL Jersey[/b][/url], [url=][b]USA Store Cheap Nike NFL Denver Broncos 92 Elvis Dumervil lights out Grey Code High Quality Shop[/b][/url], 11. Pengetahuan Zat tentang keperluan bakatnya dalam abstrek (abstract) ialah I’tibar. Dalam peringkat Wahdat, bakat bakat itu adalah zat itu sendiri. Apabila zahir pengetahuan (ilmu) bakat bakat itu menjadi ‘yang di ketahui’. 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So public access gives an opportunity for the community to say, ‘Here’s who I am, this is what I believe, and this is what I like.’ To a great degree, that creates a lot of tolerance and understanding.It’s programming that’s highly personal, says Clickkeyword[Jed+Sutton] >Jed Sutton, producer of Channel Surfing USA, which features clips from some of the spunkiest shows. It’s everything from cooks who only use easy bake ovens to talk shows hosted by transsexuals to guerrilla reporting on hard news stories that the networks won’t touch.Mustafaj has now turned his attention to the nonprofit Kosovar Relief Fund, which he hopes to aid through on air fundraising on MNN something he could never do on commercial television. The Kosovar Relief Fund has been collecting money, clothes, and nonperishable food items for Kosovar refugees, and helping Albanian Americans contact dislocated relatives. Mustafaj plans to air a fundraising program on MNN that highlights the relief effort taking place in New York City.Many viewers surf past the public access channels because of the clunky, homemade look that dominates the medium. Mustafaj admits it was a letdown when he realized his program didn’t compare to the look of Clickkeyword[Cable+News+Network+LP+LLLP] >CNN, but thanks to MNN’s free training classes he has learned how to operate a camera, edit a program, and produce a live talk show. Part of MNN’s goal, says Riddle, is to help people understand what the potentials are and how to use them. Not everybody can afford television equipment. But since things have become a little less expensive, we’re in a position to offer training classes in how to use the equipment. MNN provides cameras and editing facilities to those who have completed the training.The evolution of the video camera and editing and graphics software has had a direct impact on the progress of public access TV. [Video cameras] have become cheaper and easier to operate, and postproduction has been demystified, says Sutton.Still, despite the training and the relative ease of equipment use, some public access shows are very poorly done, admits Riddle. But, as with much amateur experimentation with technology, Sometimes the mistakes people make are more interesting than anything else. And you can make mistakes. You messed up this week. So come back next week and try again. Whereas, in network television, what do you get? Two strikes and you’re out.In many ways public access television is the poor but proud bastard child of commercial television. Its operating costs are paid for by local cable providers in exchange for cable right of way within the municipality. So PAT is able to operate commercial free and outside the ratings rat race. In fact, public access programs air whether thousands of viewers are tuned in or just one. And you can’t help but wonder how many have discovered the hundreds of obscure programs that run each week, like Antennaman, the celluloid home for a saxophone playing homeless man who says he’s on a mission from another planet to bring happiness to earthlings.WPA Presents, a program sponsored by the Clickkeyword[Women’s+Prison+Association] >Women’s Prison Association, places cameras in the hands of incarcerated moms and their children, and encourages them to talk about the pain and stigmas associated with prison. One daughter documented the anger she felt the day she came home and discovered her mother missing and no one would tell her she had been sent to prison. She thought her mother had just abandoned her, says program coordinator Clickkeyword[Linda+Prout] >Linda Prout.Tenants Neighbors is another program that gives voice to the disenfranchised, encouraging tenants to call in for expert legal advice on resolving landlord conflicts. Riddle insists a program of this kind would never air on commercial TV. Oh God, no, he says. The people who own the buildings are the same people who own the television stations.Public access producers can be as radical in thought and speech as they want, provided they don’t air obscenities or break the law. We don’t fancy ourselves thought police. We generally don’t prescreen programs. We don’t look at programs to see what should go on and what shouldn’t go on, says Riddle, whose MNN airs approximately 65,000 tapes a year on a first come, first served basis.Even hate groups like the Clickkeyword[Ku+Klux+Klan] >KKK are legally entitled to equal play on the airwaves. When Riddle was program manager of Atlanta’s public access center, he was approached by a member of the White Aryan Resistance group who wanted to air Race Reason, a provocative show advocating hard line racist and anti Semitic viewpoints. I was frightened by certain ideologies, says Riddle, who is African American, but what I found was, the answer to stupid speech is to allow them to speak. If you let people hear what they have to say, it’s not that frightening because it’s idiotic, basically. Whereas if you hold them back, then it seems there must be some power or mystique to it.Now and then someone does go too far. Jed Sutton recalls the producer of a former MNN program, Sick Wrong. This guy was doing his best to offend and upset, says Sutton. He showed autopsy footage. He showed his dead rat crucified. And he was ultimately arrested for beheading and barbecuing iguanas, although those charges were later dropped. When Midnight Madness, a talk show hosted by women in G strings, was temporarily suspended at MNN for being too sexually explicit, the access center staff said the only calls they received were from disgruntled viewers who wanted the program reinstated. 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  130. pwhgog429

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  131. vnzkkz718

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En outre, un potentiellement puissant catalyseur envers les attend en Chine les décideurs doivent se tourner vers une position plus facile et / ou de baisser les prix incitent les acheteurs chinois de retour sur le marché, Goldman Sachs a dit dans ses contrats à terme sur note.Copper commerçaient bas 1,79% à $ 309,40 un livre mardi morning.On métaux précieux, Goldman Sachs a dit qu’il a vu une nouvelle hausse de prix de l’or cette année et au milieu de faibles niveaux actuels de taux d’intérêt réels américains, et a gardé ses 12 mois prix de l’or cible de $ 1860 par des contrats à terme de ounce.Gold ont diminué de 0,42 % à 1,650.80 $ l’once et l’argent à terme sont en baisse de 1,43% à $ 30,35 l’once dans le commerce NYMEX le mardi morning.Commodities dans les trois mois au 30 Septembre a eu le pire trimestre depuis 2008 sur les préoccupations sur une nouvelle récession mondiale que la crise de la dette européenne s’est intensifiée. Amérique proactive investisseurs du Nord Inc, métiers comme Proactiveinvestors USA Canada». Vous comprenez et acceptez qu’aucun contenu publié sur le Site ne constitue une recommandation que tout particulier, le portefeuille de titres, une opération, ou stratégie d’investissement est approprié ou souhaitable pour une personne spécifique . Vous comprenez qu’aucun des fournisseurs d’information ou leurs sociétés affiliées vous conseiller personnellement sur la nature, le potentiel, opportunité, la valeur ou la pertinence d’un titre particulier, le portefeuille de titres, une opération, stratégie d’investissement, ou d’autres comprendre que le Site peut contenir des avis de temps à autre à l’égard de titres mentionnés dans d’autres produits, y compris les entreprises de produits connexes, et que ces opinions peuvent être différentes de celles obtenues en utilisant un autre produit lié à la Société. Vous comprenez et acceptez que les contributeurs peuvent écrire sur valeurs dans lesquelles ils ou leurs entreprises ont une position, et qu’ils peuvent négocier ces titres pour leur propre compte. Dans le cas où la position est détenue au moment de la publication et cette position est connue à la Société, la divulgation appropriée est faite. Cependant , vous comprenez et acceptez que, au moment d’une transaction que vous effectuez, un ou plusieurs contributeurs peuvent avoir une position dans les titres écrits sur. Vous comprenez que le prix et d’autres données sont fournies par des sources jugées fiables, que les calculs présentes sont effectuées à l’aide de ces données, et que ni les données ni de tels calculs sont garantis par ces sources, la société, les fournisseurs d’information ou toute autre personne ou entité, et ne peut-être temps complet ou à temps accurate.From, peut être fait référence dans nos documents de marketing, des articles et des avis antérieurs que nous avons publiés. Ces références peuvent être sélective, peuvent faire référence à une partie seulement d’un article ou d’une recommandation, et sont susceptibles de ne pas être à jour. Comme les marchés changent continuellement, issu informations et de données ne peut pas être à jour et ne doit pas être invoqué upon.You comprendre que nous soyons fournir de la publicité et / ou des services de marketing aux entreprises mentionnés sur le site. Une liste complète des sociétés qui paient pour les services de nous, ou nos sociétés affiliées au Royaume-Uni et Australie peut être consulté iciGoldman Sachs dans le projecteur sur Kenneth R. Gosselin

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((several lines crossed out with another NO.)) The granite cliffs west of the creek are high and steep, from which one may infer the ancient sea wall from which the pebbles were derived, were it not that no large boulders were observed in the conglomerate. The sedimentaries indicate uplift by their eastward dip, which would undoubtedly involve the granite. Following is a generalized section showing their present relations. E and W section across North Box Elder Creek North Box Elder Creek, Colorado just above confluence with south branch. ((drawing in field book, view to S with east edge on left)). The conglomerate where so well exposed is very friable and not calcareous, but a slight exposure just below the confluence effervesces freely in acid. The conglomerate is much thicker than we supposed, as we discovered a little later, with a harder band a little above the exposure just mentioned, then softer above. 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